O.P.S.G. Entertainment represents On Point Steady Grindin’ which is more than just a record label, it’s a way of life. O.P.S.G is all about making something out of nothing, constantly moving forward due to their hard work ethic and dedication to the music. Slow feet don’t eat.

We have a gifted team which consists of an administrative manager that goes by the name of Dubzel. The team is also blessed to be equipped with two talented artists Dirteh and Hazardiz. They bring a unique sound with their fierce delivery and sharp lyrics which you can feel in their music.
On Point Steady Grindin’ is a Canadian record label based out of Toronto, Ontario. The label was formed in 2017 but has developed numerous connections in the Toronto Hip-Hop scene through networking and steady grinding.

The label was formed in order to create authentic music in which our fan base will resonate with and continue to grow, the goal is for our audience to feel the music not just hear it. We believe in creating our own path to independent success with the objective of leaving our mark in the Hip-Hop industry.


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